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Carmen Caruthers, Executive Team

Reach has been a blessing to me in numerous ways. Even in the hustle and bustle of my day, Reach enables me to still serve others.


Nia Wylie,
Vice Chairman

I love Reach because it has helped me and others discover their passion to fulfill our God-given purpose. I want even more to experience that.


Ahlivia Mattocks, Executive Team

Reach continues to provide me with opportunities to challenge myself. I've learned a great deal about trusting in God's process. This is why I Reach. 


Carlos Jackson, Executive Team

Where I come from, It's only by God's grace I am who I am today. Reach is my way to leave a mark on my generation. I can show them another way.


Aerial Ellis,
Advisory Commitee

I have attended Reach every year since it began. It has truly been an experience like no other, so I decided to tell as many people about it as I could.


Kimberly Hardy,
Executive Assistant

I have a genuine passion for ministry and Reach has allowed me to combine my passion and love for Christ with my passion for helping others.

Welcome to the team!


Reach ambassadors are individuals who are highly interested in the advancement of this effort. These are those who believe in the opportunities that Reach provides for Millennials everywhere. Becoming an ambassador will provide you with growth opportunities in spiritual education, networking, fellowship, and collaboration. Join a committee today and make this year's event one for the books.

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